About Us

Affari.to has been created in 2005. It publishes news, classified ads and hosts discussion groups.
To contact us: info at stanwellmoor dot affari dot to

What is Affari? And why .to?

Affari means 'business' or 'good deal', in Italian. The .to domain has been chosen because it is the province code of Torino (Turin), Italy, where the website was born. Besides, we do not mind standing out of the .com crowd.

Our network

Stanwell Moor News is part of a network of websites:

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Un blog sul football americano, appunto.

Un sito per il viaggiatore indipendente: forum, blog, racconti, guide.

Looking for a website?

If you appreciate this website, or if you are interested in hosting your website at affari.to, contact us. We can design and host your website, and - if you are interested in using our bespoke CMS (Content Management System) - your website could be online within hours!

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