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The 7:40PM 446 bus: lost somewhere?

Published on 15/08/2016 by Editor

Last week I went from Stanwell Moor to London four times, and four times I tried to come back home with the 446 Abellio bus due to leave Heathrow's Terminal 5 at 19:40. Twice the bus did not show up, leaving a bunch of foreign tourists and myself stranded. Luckily, the drivers of the RailAir 71 bus, which stops in Stanwell Moor Road, outside the village, accepted my ticket (and those of a family...

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After bus 557, will Stanwell Moor lose the 441 as well?

Published on 02/07/2015 by Editor

Stanwell Moor is so close to Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5, yet so far. After recent consultations, it has been decried that bus 557, the only bus connecting Stanwell Moor with T5, will not stop in the village anymore. The only option, for those not wishing to walk to the airport (*), is to take the 441 on Stanwell Moor Road, which - despite the name - does not reach Stanwell Moor. But ... what...

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Last day to have your say on bus service 557 proposed changes

Published on 07/06/2015 by Editor

Tomorrow, Monday 8 June 2015, is the last day to let Surrey County Council know what you think about their proposal to cut off Stanwell Moor from bus 557's route. Visit, or pick up this booklet (see picture) onboard the 557 bus at The Anchor, the local...

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Bus 441 and the dangerous crossing of Stanwell Moor Road

Published on 05/06/2015 by Editor

Stanwell Moor is currently served by bus service 557, operated by Abellio. This could soon change, as detailed in If Stanwell Moor loses bus 557, will the village die?; in that post, we described the options available to us, the residents of Stanwell Moor, to prevent bus service 557 from bypassing our village (thus causing, among other consequences, a decrease in the value of our...

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If Stanwell Moor loses bus 557, will the village die?

Published on 21/05/2015 by Editor

Stanwell Moor used to have the 441 bus as its main connection with Heathrow's Terminal 5. In the past two years the village lost the 441, which was replaced by the 557 bus, with one positive change (no ticket between Stanwell Moor and T5) and one serious limitation: no buses from Stanwell Moor to T5 after 6:44PM, and - more importantly for citizens returning home from Heathrow - no service from...

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