The 7:40PM 446 bus: lost somewhere?

Are Abellio silently cancelling the only bus service between Stanwell Moor and the Heathrow airport?

Published by Editor, 15/08/2016
The 7:40PM 446 bus: lost somewhere?Last week I went from Stanwell Moor to London four times, and four times I tried to come back home with the 446 Abellio bus due to leave Heathrow's Terminal 5 at 19:40. Twice the bus did not show up, leaving a bunch of foreign tourists and myself stranded. Luckily, the drivers of the RailAir 71 bus, which stops in Stanwell Moor Road, outside the village, accepted my ticket (and those of a family of Italian tourists),

Tuesday and Friday, when I successfully managed to take the 19:40 446, I had to run to take the bus: the driver had been there in advance, waiting for the time to depart. Wednesday and Thursday, when the bus did not show up, I reached the platform well in advance, and other passengers waiting for the bus told me they had been there for at least fifteen minutes, and they saw no 446.

How hard is it to plan a bus departure? And what happens to our return tickets, paid for in the morning, if the 446 bus is not there in the evening? Dear Abellio, do we get a refund?

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Date: 15/08/2016, 15:40
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