New charges at Surrey's community recycling centres will bring new illegal dumping sites

Published by Editor, 02/08/2016
From 1st September 2016 new charges will be introduced for some non-household waste at Surrey community recycling centres accepting such types of waste.

The objects we won't be able to dump for free anymore:

Furthermore, if the above materials are loose, the fee will be £50 per car load.

Pricey? There are exceptions, luckily for us. Bicycle tyres will be accepted free of charge. And there will be a one-bag free daily allowance for the construction, alteration or repair of your home (how will they know it's not from somebody else's home?).

The Surrey County Council is introducing these charges to cover the reduction of government funding. But how many small building companies (or individuals) will decide to dump their rubbish in an illegal dumping site or in a dark street corner, instead of paying this new tax?

Given the exceptions mentioned above, this new rubbish charge might bring new jobs: if you are not remodelling/building your home, you can offer a builder to take his rubbish to the skip for £4. He'll save £1 per bag (and there will be many, so it's a valuable saving), and you will make £4/day (minus expenses), provided you can find enough builders who need this service.

Don't start celebrating: £4/day means only £1,460 per year.

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Date: 02/08/2016, 16:39
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