After bus 557, will Stanwell Moor lose the 441 as well?

Published by Editor, 02/07/2015
After bus 557, will Stanwell Moor lose the 441 as well?Stanwell Moor is so close to Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5, yet so far. After recent consultations, it has been decried that bus 557, the only bus connecting Stanwell Moor with T5, will not stop in the village anymore. The only option, for those not wishing to walk to the airport (*), is to take the 441 on Stanwell Moor Road, which - despite the name - does not reach Stanwell Moor. But ... what if Abellio stopped 441's services to Stanwell Moor?

I was at the bus station in Terminal 5, yesterday, between 7:10PM and 8:05PM. Two 441 buses directed towards Englefield Green (and thus Stanwell Moor Road) were expected to stop in T5, one at 7:24PM, the other at 7:54PM, according to Abellio's 441 timetable. Neither arrived. To find out when the next 441 bus was expected to show up, I sent a text message to 87287 with text 73297, and it appears that no 441 were expected that evening.

Was service 441 cancelled for the day?
Did I enquire about the wrong bus stop?
Did Abellio's info-by-SMS system fail?
Was the heat to blame, as usual?

(*): it took me 35 minutes, yesterday, walking at competitive pace, taking shortcuts and never slowing down or stopping. Since I live in Hithermoor Road near the reservoir, most residents of Stanwell Moor will probably have a shorter walk to T5, but I doubt anyone would want to walk every day like I did yesterday.

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Date: 02/07/2015, 11:48
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