Rubbish crisis in Stanwell Moor?

Published by Editor, 12/06/2015
Stanwell Moor is not a large city: a small village of 1,300 people, with a post office, a pub, a hair stylist, a great Bangladeshi & Indian take away, a launderette, a few more businesses, a lot of quiet people (well.. about 1,300 of them!).

So, one has to wonder: where does all this garbage come from?

Garages with rubbish between Hithermoor Road and Benen-Stock Road

These garages - and the rubbish - are between Hithermoor Road and Benen-Stock Road. "Rubbish crisis is a term often seen as connected with poorer, remote countries.

It is on our doorsteps, instead.

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Date: 12/06/2015, 08:22
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