Life in Stanwell Moor

Blog and comments about Stanwell Moor and Heathrow Airport

What will happen to Stanwell Moor in 2018?

2017 and the past few years have not been kind to the sweet, nice village that is Stanwell Moor. We lost buses, we used to have free connections to Heathrow Airport, our important and whingeing...


An attempt to solve Stanwell Moor parking woes


Two or three weeks ago, this sign appeared in several locations in Stanwell Moor. For a few days...

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Spelthorne Crime Summit, 22/09/2015: my notes


I know, I know, it's 2016, not 2015. I am publishing my notes on the 2015 Spelthorne Crime Summit eleven months too late. For instance, Kevin Hurley is not any more the PCSS for Surrey. Well,...

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The 7:40PM 446 bus: lost somewhere?


Last week I went from Stanwell Moor to London four times, and four times I tried to come back home...

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New charges at Surrey's community recycling centres will bring new illegal dumping sites


From 1st September 2016 new charges will be introduced for some non-household waste at Surrey community recycling centres accepting such types of waste. The objects we won't be able to dump for...

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